All Fired Up Exhibition – Thanks & Credits


Special Thanks to:

Museum staff & volunteers

Peter Morrissey & the Saffron Walden Community Shed

Essex Fire Museum (Essex County Fire and Rescue Service)

Saffron Walden Fire Station (Essex County Fire and Rescue Service) – Neil Curtis, current Watch Manager and firefighters at Station 79, Saffron Walden, EF&RS

Dave Curtis, former Chief Officer, Station 79, Saffron Walden, EF&RS

Martyn Everett & the Gibson Library

Zofia Everett & the Archive Access point for ERO (SW Library), SEAX

Paul Start, Walden Collection

Steve Scorer, Great Dunmow Museum

Austin Reeve, Dunmow Recorder

Fiona Bengtsen, Manuden Recorder

Jacky Cooper, Clavering Recorder & SW Local History Society & Recorder co-ordinator

Mark Ratcliff, Hatfield Regis Local History Society

Kate McManus, Chesterfords Recorder

Toby Lyons, Stansted (via Local History recorders network)


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Newport News editions – reference numbers kindly provided by Newport History Recorder.

Phillipson, Chris. Saffron Walden Fire Brigade newspaper cuttings c. 1930 – 1936: Independent Press and Chronicle (17th May 1935), Courtesy of the Gibson Library.

Phillipson, Chris. Saffron Walden Fire Brigade scrapbooks. Courtesy of the Gibson Library.

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