Ancient Cultures

The museum’s Ancient Cultures collection features an impressive Egyptology collection, ranging from pre-dynastic to Ptolemaic and consisting almost entirely of objects from tombs and burials.

Among the more unusual items are the coffins of two Theban priests, a Middle Kingdom stele, a rare double block statue and a pottery figure vase in the image of Hathor. Examples of textiles used as mummy wrappings are also represented, along with the mummified remains of a young boy.

The museum also holds examples of pottery from Ancient Greece and Cyprus, including Cypriot and Spartan votive objects, Greek funerary objects and drinking vessels.

Objects in our Ancient Cultures collection are on display in our Ancient Egypt gallery and in the Ancient Greece & Cyprus display on the mezzanine level. Many more objects are kept in storage and can be viewed by appointment.

Statue (SAFWM : 1892.50)

Double block statue of Wenen-Nefer and his wife Taweret-Nofret, dating from about 1290 to 1080 BC. (Current location: Egyptian gallery)

Bowl (SAFWM : 1964.56)

Amratian bowl, from upper Egypt, dating from the Predynastic Period about 4000 to 3600 BC. (Current location: Egyptian gallery)

Figure (SAFWM : 1887.97)

Small wooden representation of the hawk god Horus (God of War), that would have stood on a coffin. (Current location: Egyptian gallery)

Shabti (SAFWM – 1917.8)

Blue faience shabti, dating from about 1567 BC. (Current location: Egyptian gallery)

Canopic jar (SAFWM – E.455)

Canopic jar, decorated with hieroglyphs, associated with the burial of a scribe of the treasury, in about 1250 BC. (Current location: Egyptian gallery)

Mummified cat (SAFWM – E.454)

Mummified remains of a cat, dating from about 200 to 100 BC. (Current location: Egyptian gallery)

Mummified child (SAFWM : E.450A)

Mummified body of a young child (gender unclear) from Deir-el-Bahri, Thebes, dating from the Roman period 200-300 AD (Current location: Egyptian gallery)

Coffin (SAFWM – LN.708)

Head from a late-period mummiform coffin (Current location: storage)

Pot (SAFWM – 1836.98)

Cooking pot, reused to contain cremated human bones, from Athens dating from 500-400 BC (Current location: Ancient Greece and Cyprus display)

Votive Figure

Votive figure of a horse and rider, from Cyprus, dating from 1000-700 BC (Current location: Ancient Greece and Cyprus display)

Cup (SAFWM – 1898.64)

Stemless cup from southern Italy dating from 350-300 BC (Current location: Ancient Greece and Cyprus display)

Flask (SAFWM – 1882.167.18)

Small pottery flask with lug handles, from Cyprus, dating from 1900-1600 BC (Current location: Ancient Greece and Cyprus display)

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